About Me

BA (Honours) Journalism third year student expected to graduate with at least a 2:1. 

I am a BJTC accredited journalist after passing my law exam, doing 70 hours of placement and 15 newsdays.

I am currently the content and social media manager for YYFM. In this role, I manage and upload content on the site that people listen to. This includes editing audio and promoting shows on social media.

I write news, entertainment and sports pieces for our student publication, The Diff Daff.

Additional Work Experience:

- Radio Presenter, Radio Platfform

- Publicity Volunteer, Cardiff Third Sector Council

- Radio Producer and DJ, Newport City Radio

- News Reporter and Newsreader, Bro Radio

- Placement Journalist, BBC News (Nov - Dec 2023)

I'm Gareth Rees. I'm a journalist based in Cardiff, Wales. My passion for writing and journalism started in high school, and I have progressed since. Over five years later, I'm proud to have written over 25 pieces of work and produced many stories from a range of different subjects. I am also proud to be an autistic journalist. 

I am passionate about people and reporting on news that matters to a wider audience. My interests include sport, music, television and film. Throughout my professional practice I have worked with the BBC and various other organisations which has helped me develop my skills. Since September, I have committed to over 170 hours of placement where I have undertaken roles in all forms of media, including visual, audio and written content. A selection of my work is displayed on this website and my contact information is below.

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis